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Body building and toning up to your dream body structure is not easy. Here at Dumbbell Exercises we make it all easy for you by giving you all the quality information that you need to make your dreams come true. We are a team of expert trainees who have helped hundreds of people get the best that they have always wanted with Dumbbells. We are glad to have you on board and hope that you are ready to build some rock solid muscles and stay fit with our comprehensive step by step guides. Regardless of whether you are new to dumbbells or you have been playing around with them, our training tips and guides will help you to achieve the best out of it.
Introduction to

Dumbbell Exercises

If you are wondering what dumbbells are and what dumbbell exercises are all about then here is a brief overview to clear things up.
Dumbbells are free weights that are used in exercises and workouts. One dumbbell comprises of a bar and two weights at both ends of the bar. The use of these gymnastic apparatus has shown stunning performances among many users. The best thing with dumbbell exercises is that they are easy to get along with and anyone can do them. Athletes and bodybuilders who love to keep their body firm are some of the frequent users who enjoy the gaining a balanced physique with the use of dumbbells.

Why Use


Here are some of the core reasons why you will find dumbbell exercises to be amazing for your body.

Offers a complete workout plan

Dumbbells are not only meant for bicep curls but also help in working out your legs, calf raises, lunges, abdominal and other parts of your Read More body. The versatility and flexibility that the dumbbells provide makes them easy to use in various positions making one gain the perfect body shape uniformly.

Challenging body muscles for better bodybuilding

Plateauing phenomena is something brought up by use of common repeated body workouts and it is a big issue faced by bodybuilders since Read More their bodies cannot respond well to this. With the use of dumbbells, one has dozens of options to switch and challenge the body more. This in the end helps one reach their goal much easier than focusing on repeated workout techniques.

To build strength and muscles even faster

Because the use of dumbbells engages one in a wide motion when exercising, there is much more to gain since the muscles undergo different significantRead More strains that no other equipment easily offers. Furthermore, the use of these equipments has more negative resistance which is known to be very essential during workouts. Negative resistance happens when one is lowering down weights. The motion at that instance is very significant and since dumbbells exposes one to a lot of these, it is the perfect solution to build muscles fast.
Some Common

Dumbbell Exercises

There are lots of dumbbell exercises that one can get themselves engaged with to gain body mass, build muscles and the body physique that they have always wanted. Below is a list of some common dumbbell exercises and a summary of the workouts it covers;

  1. 01
    Chest Dumbbell Exercises - Covers flat chest presses, inclined dumbbell chest presses and inclined chest flies.
  2. 02
    Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises - Covers the seated shoulder presses, reverse flies, lateral presses and front flies
  3. 03
    Back Dumbbell Exercises - Covers the dead lifts, the lying bent over rows and the single arm row.
  4. 04
    Trapezius Dumbbell Exercises - Covers the upright rows and shrugs.
  5. 05
    Biceps Dumbbell Exercises - Covers decline seated bicep curls, the preacher dumbbell curls, hammer curls and concentration curls.
  6. 06
    Triceps Dumbbell Exercises - Covers the French presses, dumbbell overhead triceps extensions, and triceps kickbacks.
  7. 07
    Leg Dumbbell Exercises - Covers half squats ad dumbbell lunges.
  8. 08
    Calf Dumbbell Exercises- Covers single leg calf presses and seated calf raises.

The dumbbell exercises mentioned above are some of the common ones that you will come across many times. One can fine tune and work out with dumbbells easily by taking a position that they find comfortable.

Dumbbell comprises of countless exercises that are essential to help one gain the perfect body mass, strength and shape fast without any difficulties. Dumbbells are also cheap which makes it the absolute choice for people who want to turn fat into muscles fast without investing heavily in expensive equipment and programs. We are dedicated to helping you learn the tips and guides to make your dumbbell exercises work perfectly for you through our guides.